Ajay Kudva (Head Mentor)

Mr Ajay Kudva is the CEO & Head Mentor of Equity Masters. He has been a consistent profitable stock market trader for the last 7 years. He is specialized in a unique way of price action analysis & trading. He is an automobile engineer who has become a full-time stock market trader cum investor for the last 10 years. As the CEO of Equity Masters academy. Mr Ajay Kudva oversees the business, and overall development. He also handles strategic planning, marketing, finance management, and digital growth.

He started gaining knowledge about the stock market from 2008 as his parents were consistently involved in stock trading.

He actually got into trading in the year 2012, In his initial days as a stock trader he could not find a right channel to get proper stock market training & mentorship. Over the years of learning trading & being profitable consistently he found the need to create a proper structured channel for the upcoming new traders, this encouraged him to start equity masters academy in the year 2018.

His vision is to create a community of logical trader who focus on a structured disciplined trading and do not run behind any magical unrealistic strategies or returns. He believes in practicing meditation regularly which has brought a drastic change in his trading journey.

"Our company is known for its LIVE MARKET teaching abilities that very few other institutes follow across the country"

Mr Ajay Kudva

CEO & Head Mentor

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